Boost your retail sales

– Salemate clarifies your retail operations, so You can take the right actions

In-depth control over
all your retail activities

In-depth control over
all your retail activities

Best practise
already built in

“Using the built-in step by step guides helps me get ahead of my game”


Stay on top of your
retail operations

“Having a tailored system gives me a real-time overview of the things I want to track”


Make more data-driven decisions

“No more guessing, now I can use easily accessible data to take the right actions”

Your all-in-one Mate for the road

Your all-in-one Mate for the road

One of many dashboards showing
destinations of retail stores in Finland


Documentation of store visits and
assignments done (seen over time) 

Why you need Salemate?

“SaleMate is my all-knowing friend in the field!
It helps me to stay on the optimal store route, trackback on everything I agree upon with the stores and my favorite is that it shows my performance in regards to my running KPI´s and the value I create”

SaleMate prioritizing store visits and maximizing productivity.

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