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Poor ins-stock rates
impact eCommerce sales

When in-stock levels drop below 30%
Brands loose on average:

- 0 %
of their online sales
- 0 %
of conversions
- 0 %
of glance views (or traffic)

Why you need digital shelf?

With Digital Shelf you can see what to improve from your product listnings on e-tailers and e-commerce stores. This makes you convert better and sell more. How customers experience your products online plays a vital role in their decision making. After all, it’s where they come to discover, research and decide whether or not to buy your product.

In-depth analysis

Digital Shelf provides in-depth analysis on how customers are viewing your products online and keeps your products findable, on-brand and buyable. Our software goes to work by sifting through the product detail pages as well as those of your competitors; collecting data about how your products are being seen. This helps to ensure that your product information is consistent across all your eCommerce platforms.


By transforming the Product Detail Pages of your underperforming SKUs – and thus increasing their accuracy and appeal – you can boost your weekly sales uplift by up to 31%. This helps you proactively prepare for any scenario and will inspire your customers to buy from you, again and again.

Touch-point data

Our software collects touch-point data on various product elements, such as: 


By combining these data-points, Digital Shelf is your plug-and-play solution for improving your online conversions. Why not also have WaveCrest’s Marketing Intelligence Specialists help you take the uncovered information and transform it into actionable insights for you and your team?

Convert better on e-tailers with our online e-commerce crawler.

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