SaleMate – The New Smart Retail Management Platform

Today we meet with Jens Brinck to discuss the ideas behind the platform design and what brands will gain from using it.

There are several retail systems out there, why have you made another one?

The platform SaleMate has been developed by the retail agency Gorm Larsen Nordic that for two decades has been running sales and retail for lots of brands. Through this work we have gained in depth knowledge of what is best practice retail management but has not managed to find a system that fully supports this way of working. 

But why have you made a retail management platform now, when we have all this talk about retail dying?

Our perspective is that the platform is perfectly timed. In the new omni-channel environment, retail for many industries still stand for over 80% of the brands total sales. Serving multiple channels however require even more resources than before and increases the pressure on making the most out of retail. In this situation, using a tailored retail platform to increase a brands retail performance is more important than ever. 

What makes SaleMate different?

This is a platform that is tailor designed with the retail specific user roles in focus. Field Force teams, Retail Managers and Sales Managers all have different needs and we have been able to build the system around their worlds from start. For instance, Field Force route prioritization is performance critical so we have built in an automatic function for this. Retail Managers have lots of projects to stay on top of so they get a live dashboard where they can track everything they need. Sales Managers get a drill down tool where they can see data the way THEY want it.  

What made you go for making a brand-new platform? 

Well, first of all, we have operated many systems available in the market today and our experience is that they are complex both to understand and manage. The common challenge within retail Is to make the huge amount of data useful for the retail setup while It’s still relevant. Starting from scratch meant that we were not limited by old ways of thinking, Instead we could focus on designing the best usability for modern retail setups. 

You say It’s new, what’s new about It?

  • SaleMate is designed to be intuitive for users in their daily.
  • It’s an open platform so it can be integrated in your other favourite tools like Office, Google, PDF etc. 
  • Every user gets their own personal live dashboard where they can track what’s relevant for them.
  • We have Intergrated Google Maps throughout the platform.
  • Last but not least we have a built in automatic report creator so that you don’t need to spend time on making your standard reports over and over. 

Who is SaleMate for and how long time does it take for a brand to get started?

All brands with a retail setup will benefit from using SaleMate! It’s 100 % scalable from both a volume and geographical perspective. To start It up Is a matter of hours! We will start a fresh account for your brand and import your data, then you are good to go! The rest is a startup training for your team, and some support from our success managers to make sure the platform performs in the way that is most relevant for you.   

If I think this is a good idea, how do I get in touch? 

If you are interested to see if SaleMate is for you, don’t hesitate to book a free demo via the button below!

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