HTC – VR Experience

Creating Europe’s best VR Experience Together with HTC VIVE & BEAT SABER

Design the Wow-Factor for HTC

Our mission was to find THE WAY of taking the store staff’s VR experience to the next level. We set out to find the game with the most viral buzz and interactive wow factor of the year. Guess what we found? Beat Saber!

A Solution where the Audience Participates

We created a real-life experience giving also the audience an experience of being part of the game. Instead of using a screen we chose to do a full-size wall with the game visuals and audio really being the center of the whole area. Combined with a score board showing at the top of the wall there was a non-stop flow of contestants.

Multiple Senses: Movement, Sound, and Visual

An increased emotional connection to HTC VR and the impact of using and combining more senses in to the experience with the interlinked use of rhythm, beats, music and movement.
The result? 

“The best VR experience I’ve ever had!”

— Store staff at Elkjöp, Norway.

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