Events professional Hannele Kallio joins WaveCrest

Entrepreneurial Hannele Kallio is an event professional with tons of experience.
She has extensive hands-on experience in both entrepreneurship and organizing different events. Hannele has an eye for detail, which ensures that projects move forward producing excellent results. Hannele excels when working with big brands, like-minded customers and with exciting projects. At WaveCrest, Hannele is working as Head of Production leading various projects, client accounts and of course her project team.

Events professional Hannele Kallio joins WaveCrest

Hannele lives in Espoo, Finland with her partner and 1 year old standard poodle called Isla. In her free time, she enjoys listening to audio books, exercising and relaxing at her summer cottage in Lempäälä.

This interview was made at summer 2022.

What is your education and background?

I have a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration and have taken many courses and trainings. Recently I did a buyer training Program in Careeria. Entrepreneurship has always been part of my working life because my parents used to run a retail store which led me to run my own store for 12 years. Since then, I have been working on corporate events and worked as a Project Manager and Executive Producer for the last 15 years. I have done events in locations as far as Tokyo and Singapore.

What made you choose this career path?

I became a store owner because of my family but events are something I have always been interested in it. My passion has always been organizing and planning events and I feel like my outgoing personality matches well. I ended up working at a marketing agency and moved forward from there to WaveCrest. My old colleague who is working at WaveCrest recommended this workplace and here I am!

So, what do you do at WaveCrest?

At WaveCrest I work as Head of Production, so I’ll make sure that in my team the right people oversee the right things and we serve our customers with high quality. I’ll usually take over the projects when they’ve been sold and start working on producing the events. My role basically is to make sure that our clients get what they need and what has been promised to them and get the best results for the customer.

What are your goals?

My primary goal is to work on demanding tasks with lots of responsibility.
I like variation in my work, so I feel that WaveCrest offers me plenty of different options with our 4 business areas that work seamlessly together.

What do you value the most in your workplace?

At my workplace I value people who are likeminded and fun to work with.
In the workplace, everyone should be appreciated as an individual and treated well. I love how nowadays I have the flexibility to work from any location and at any time of day. This is also important because my work can be hectic and demanding at times. Sometimes I’ll work longer days and weekends on events and sometimes I can work shorter days. The most important part of flexibility is trust between employee and employer and that everybody is trusted to get things done.

How do you see the Future of the industry?

After Covid19 there is a great transition phase in everything but especially in the events business. After a few long years, this summer has been good for live events. Digitalization is part of the evolution of the events business, but people still need real world interactions in their everyday lives. Digitalization has made some things easier and faster. For example, I believe that business travelling will never go back to the same level as it was before Covid as it is easy to attend meeting through video call.

There is a lot of change and a lot more coming, but I believe that some old ways of working will come back. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen and how we are working let’s say after 10 years.

If you had a chance to organize a Christmas party, what kind of party would it be?

My concept for a Christmas party for a smaller group (15-40 persons) would be the following: The program would be secret and would be revealed step by step. The first part of the party would be held on a tram that drives around the city picking up surprise guests from different stops. These surprise guest could be some artists, for example Santa Claus, or a client or a subcontractor. Next stop would be at the Casino where people would have a guided tour and learn how to play different games and have the opportunity to play using company money. After the casino we’d have a great dinner and following that a concert with our own VIP-box. The great thing about this concept is that people get to spend time together, enjoying great activities but also moving from one place to another. I guarantee that this evening would be full of great feeling and joy spending time together. It’d also be a great way to recognize the hard work!

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