What is WaveCrest?

WaveCrest is a leading marketing agency in the Nordics. We are a fusion of like-minded companies with over 20 years of commercial experience. We have a 360 approach to marketing and hence a diverse group of people with a wide range of expertise. We employ talent from business directors to graphic designers, growth hackers to project coordinators.  

Even though we operate in multiple countries, we are one team, sharing one vision. We are dedicated to amplifying our clients’ brand message, both internally and to their target audience.

Our culture and way of working

We want to enable people to reach their full potential. People are everything to us and we believe that as valuable as we are as individuals, we are exponentially more valuable when aligned and working together. 

We help our clients delight their customers both online and face-to-face in-store and at events. Similarly, you can work from one of our agencies in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki or Tampere or from home. No matter where you are, you are connected to our international talented team of experts every day.  

If you are brave and curious and want to get acquainted with a 360 approach to marketing, you should be a part of WaveCrest. 



We’re big believers in training and developing our people, so we’ll always hire people who have the right attitude and let them increase their aptitude through their experiences with us. We value individuals who display a positive outlook, sincerity, integrity, passion and a never-ending desire to stretch and broaden their competences. 


Whether it’s the result for our clients or the perfect experience for their customers, effective and consistent delivery is key. Every member of our team should focus on this above all else. 


Marketing is constantly evolving, and retail is going through its biggest transformation in centuries. Just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Together, we are constantly looking for new ways to amplify brands. Join us on our journey.  

Don't see your role?

We are always looking for talented thinkers and doers to help us amplify brands. If we don’t have the opening you are looking for but still want to join, please send us a message and we’ll reach out to you if something suitable becomes available.