4 Steps to Create an Online Sales Training

We Created an Online Sales training for Elkjølp’s Internal e-Learning Platform.

Working with retail teams, retail trainings and brand experiences often comes back to the same point. Consistency and understanding. If you want someone to embrace your brand and take part in your community this is a great place to start!

We’ve been developing store staff trainings for more than a decade and going from the physical format with all its benefits and limitations to the e-learning platform gives a whole new line of opportunities. 

  • Ever struggled with gathering everyone at ones?
  • How to make sure you can get everyone in the group to take part of the training?
  • Can you in a simple and easy way create interactions and also mix the way of sharing knowledge?
  • And finally, how can you easily test and make sure that knowledge stick?
Who is the training for?

Like any other message you want to share it’s not always most important what you want to say but rather – what do people want to hear? And, do everyone benefit from being exposed to your message in the same way?

4 steps to make a great
sales training

1. Define primary target audience!

So, your first step should be: who is the primary target audience for your message? Take for instance store staff. Are the staff in store the main target of your message or are the store staff your channel to reach your end customer?

Most likely you need the staff in store to be a channel for you to get all the way out to the end-user. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see the store staff as exactly that, an end-user. Think about it, if you can get the store staff to be engaged and really feel like part of the message, they are for sure more likely to tell your story in an enthusiastic way. So, start off by creating a community – we are in it together!

2. Define your message!

Second, what is your main message? How can you transform your main message into a valuable offer or insight for your audience? Why is your message relevant to me and why should I want to know this? 

The classical – What’s in it for me? applies also for designing your message.

Identifying different ways to how this could be beneficial to your customer is crucial for getting their interest. Small interactions and fun facts are all good ways to get the initial emotional curiosity. 

3. Define your value proposition!

Third, what is it that specifically should be of interest to me? Do you have a solution that will change my experience of your product or service? If you do, what can I expect from your solution?

A clear and precise value proposition isn’t about the price but the content of your offer. If I believe the value is good and relevant, I’ll buy it – for sure!

4. Give reasons to believe!

Finally, how will I be affected? This is my reason to believe. Where my understanding and connection to the brand or product come together. The consistency in the message, the experience and the offer will be what creates the reason why I will believe in you. Not only because you as a person are convincing but also because the story is believable, trustworthy and brings me value. 

Wrap your sales training in an
e-learning format

So, what does this have to do with e-learning you say? Well, everything!

When you create an e-learning you need to make your message clear. Furthermore, you need to make the participant understand the message and use different means to do so. Combining text, animation, video, audio, gamification gives a more dynamic and engaging training and since you’re already in front of a screen why not take advantage of the speed of the media?

Instant feedback, instant engagement, instant learnings is what will take your e-learning from a classical presentation to a brand and knowledge enabler. 

The e-learning is online, real time and trackable!

…and the best part of it all? It’s available in the participants pocket right when he or she has that 5-7-minute opportunity to develop some new skills. Want your own e-learning material to help boost sales? We don’t blame you! 😊 
Get in touch and we’ll set it up for you!

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